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Papers that reference PETROG

Ceramic  Composition  at Chalcolithic  Shiqmim,  Northern  Negev  desert,  Israel:  Investigating  Technology  and  Provenance Using Thin Section Petrography, Instrumental Geochemistry, and Calcareous Nannofossils.

Burton,  M.  M.,  Quinn,  P.  S.,  Tamberino,  A.  and  Levy,  T.  submitted.  


Iron Mineral Cementation in Shallow Marginal Marine Sandstone: Controls on Porosity Preservation by Chlorite Grain Coatings - A Case Study

A.Y Lawan (University of Liverpool), R Worden (University of Liverpool), J Churchill (Shell UK), B.T Wells* (CVS)

APGCE Conference, 2017

Uncertainty from Grain Scale to Reservoir Scale

Wells, B. T.; Hinds, O; Duller, R.A.; Worden, R

7th Saint Petersburg International Conference & Exhibition

Saint Petersburg, Russia, 11-14 April 2016

Provenance constraints on the Tremp Formation paleogeography (southern Pyrenees): Ebro Massif vs Pyrenees sources

D. Gómez-Gras, M. Roigé, V. Fondevilla, O. Oms, S. Boya, E. Remacha

University of Barcelona 2015

Enhanced Two Dimensional Grain Size Analysis through the Use of Calibrated Digital Petrography

O. Hinds, R.A. Duller, R.P. Walker, B.T. Wells, and R.H. Worden

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #41461 (2014)

University of Liverpool, Conwy Valley Systems Ltd., 2014

Grain Size Geostatistics Enhance Reservoir Characterisation

Robert Duller ; Ricki Walker ; Barrie Wells

University of Liverpool, Conwy Valley Systems Ltd., 2014

(Poster session, Geo2014, Bahrain)

Evaluation of Mortar Microstructures in Ancient Roman Concrete from Ostia, Italy with PETROG software

Jennifer L. Wehby and Marie D. Jackson

University of Oxford, University of California, Berkely 2013

Petrographic and geochemical characteristics of Paleogene turbidite deposits in the southern Aegean (Karpathos Island, SE Greece): Implications for provenance and tectonic setting

G. Pantopoulos, A. Zelilidis

University of Patras, Greece 2011

Evaluating foreland basin partitioning in the northern Andes using Cenozoic fill of the Floresta basin, Eastern Cordillera, Colombia

Saylor, J. E., Horton, B. K., Nie, J., Corredor, J., and Mora, A.

2011,Basin Research, v. 23, p. 377-402.


Correlation between microtextcures and mechanical strength, Sala-Heby, central Sweden

Linda Lungren

University of Gothenburg, 2010

Petrographic Characterization of Khadsaliya Lignites, Bhavnagar District, Gujarat


Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany, Lucknow, 2010

A list of academic papers that reference PETROG software.