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PETROG includes patent protected technology.


Papers that reference PetrogLite

Wildfires and Monsoons: Cryptic Drivers for Highly Variable Provenance Signals within a Carboniferous Fluvial System

Bébhinn Anders, Shane Tyrrell, David Chew, Gary O’Sullivan, Chris Mark, John Graham, Eszter Badenszki & John Murray

Geosciences (Jan 2022)


Macromolecular Characterization of Hydrocarbons for Sustainable Future

Book, edited by Uttam Kumar Bhui

Springer Nature (2021)


Organo-Lithotype Controls on Cleat/Fractures, Matrix-Associated Pores, and Physicomechanical Properties of Coal Seams of Raniganj Coalfield, India

John Buragohain, Vinod Atmaram Mendhe, Atul Kumar Varma, and Priyanka Shukla

ACS Omega 2021 6 (31), 20218-20248 (2021)


Effect of heat on Organic and Inorganic components in some Non-coking Lower Gondwana Coals

Bhatta, Rajesh & Dash, Nilima & Nayak, Bibhuranjan.

Researchgate (August 2020)


Partial melting of zoisite eclogite from the Sanddal area, North-East Greenland Caledonides

Wentao Cao1, Jane A. Gilotti & Hans-Joachim Massonne

European Journal of Mineralogy (July 2020)


Microbial Desulphurization of Combustion Coal and Environmental Control in Carbonization Coal: Emissions Reduction Techniques

Seshibe Stanford Makgato

Faculty of Engineering, University of Pretoria (April 2020)


Provenance of Synorogenic Foreland Basin Strata in Southwestern Montana Requires Revision of Existing Models for Laramide Tectonism: North American Cordillera

K.L. Garber, E.S. Finzel and D.M. Pearson

AGU Tectonics Volume 39 Issue 2 (February 2020)


The Assessment of Organic Matter Young's Modulus Distribution With Depositional Environment and Maturity

T. D. Fender , C. Van Der Land, M. Rouainia , S. P. Graham , D. M. Jones, C. H. Vane and T. Wagner

AGU, JGR Solid Earth, Research Article (2020)


Reservoir Fluid-rock Interactions During a CO₂ EOR/CCS Pilot Test at Citronelle Oil Field, Alabama

Erik Rheams

University of Alabama (2020)


More papers

A list of academic papers that reference PetrogLite software.