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PETROG includes patent protected technology.


PETROG 5.3.6

Release date : 2024-02-12


Diagnostic messages are now in some cases displayed directly within the image window, rather than as a separate message dialog, in order to reduce the risk of the message being obscured from view.

Improvements to positioning of windows, so that they are displayed by default on an alternative monitor to that on which the image window is displayed, or if the system is single-monitor, then the most appropriate space on the screen will be selected.

Importing whole sample images now does the stitching automatically as part of the import process.

Demonstration projects now use a newly defined hardware combination, "DemoCam/DemoScope", so that changes to hardware combination settings do not affect the demo projects.


This can now be used in all camera versions, not just the standalone VirtualImageCam version.

AoI step size now calculated correctly, the "Type Values" option now works properly, and corrected filenames for high mag and low mag images saved during logging.

Implementation of VIC licence for standalone use of VirtualImageCam version.

Will now show XPL in addition to PPL if available (i.e. if a stitching association exists between the two image sets),

The red rectangle position in the overview window is now correct after resizing.


All:  Improvements to performance when resizing the image window.

NnCam: fixed support for GXCAM U3PRO-6.3 camera;

minor fixes and also now checks for ToupView running;

identified and fixed the cause of the slower speed when using an older Toupcam model.

OlympusDP: enhancements for DP74 specifically, including fix for initialisation of gamma value;

Sharpness parameter can now be modified when adjusting the camera settings / saving presets;

fixes for hardware ROI in order to achieve higher frame rates (for all supported models of Olympus DP camera);

checks that Olympus software is not already running and reports back if this is the case.

Zeiss: fix for when loading the parameters from the registry, as this was triggering error messages to be displayed.

Grain outline logging

New options to determine grain coating for input to Touchstone as per Sandstone Petrography, Petrology and Modelling (Taylor, Lander and Bonnell).

If selecting an existing polyline, quantitative information is displayed about the selection.



Changes to the way setting an elliptical AOI works - it is now possible to adjust the left or right of the x-axis, or the top or bottom of the y-axis, without losing the other points that define the ellipse.

Main menu option to run SQL commands from a file (only for use when instructed by the PETROG support team).

Edit Ticklists - added button to edit the type of a list (i.e. which class it is associated with, for instance, Detrital grains).

Revisit Points - option to save details of "Points of interest" to the clipboard, and the option to save an image directly from this window.

Colour Analysis Tool - bug fixes and improvements.

Bug fixes

Fix for display of warning messages relating to objective not being set, by preventing these messages from being displayed when we are still doing setup.

Fix so that skips are reset if overwriting compositional data for a sample.

Fix for allowing to input incorrect decimal separator (i.e. warns if the separator entered does not match the expected separator for the active locale).

Fix for data display bug in Data Edit after copying the data to the clipboard.