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PETROG includes patent protected technology.


Papers that reference PetrogLite (2013-2016)

Sedimentology of the ~3.3 Ga upper Mendon Formation, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa

Elizabeth J. Trower, Donald R. Lowe

Precambrian Research (June 2016)


Sub-surface coal seams of Bhupalpalli and Golapalli areas of Godavari valley coalfield and their petrographic characteristics

Omprakash S. Sarate

Journal of the Geological Society of India (February 2016)


The identification and treatment of poor durability Karoo dolerite base course aggregate – evidence from case studies

R C Leyland, M Momayez, J L van Rooy

Journal of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering, Vol 58 No 1, March 2016, Pages 26–33, Paper 1187


Age, Correlation, and Lithostratigraphic Revision of the Upper Cretaceous (Campanian) Judith River Formation in Its Type Area (North-Central Montana), with a Comparison of Low- and High-Accommodation Alluvial Records

Raymond R. Rogers, Susan M. Kidwell, Alan L. Deino, James P. Mitchell, Kenneth Nelson, and Jeffrey T. Thole

Journal of Geology, University of Chicago Press, Vol 124, number 1 (Jan 2016)


Thermal properties in different rock materials based on Hot Disk and mineral mode - a comparission between petrographic analysis and laboratory measurements

Emil Andersson

Dept of Earth Sciences, University of Gothenburg 2016 B907


Thermally Altered Coals from Bore Core EBM-1, East Bokaro Coal Field, Damodar Valley, India: A Petrographic Inference

S.Mahesh, Srikanta Murthy, Vikram Partap Singh & Jyoti Shankar Roy

Journal Geological Society of India, Vol.86, November 2015, pp.535-546


Early Eocene equatorial vegetation and depositional environment: Biomarker and palynological evidences from a lignite-bearing sequence of Cambay Basin, Western India

Paul, Swagata & Sharma, Jyoti & Singh, Bhagwan & Saraswati, Pratul & Dutta, Suryendu.

International Journal of Coal Geology. 149. 77-92. (Sept 2015)


Provenance & Sediment Dispersal of Mississippian Sandstones in the Black Warrior Basin, NE Mississippi

Patrick Michael O'Connor

College of Science and Engineering, Texas Christian University (May 2015)


Preservation of Blueschist-facies Minerals along a Shear Zone by Coupled Metasomatism and Fast-flowing CO2-bearing Fluids

Barbara I. Kleine, Alasdair D. L. Skelton, Benjamin Huet & Iain K. Pitcairn

Journal of Petrology Volume 55 Number 10 October 2014


Actualistic and geochemical modeling of reservoir rock, CO2 and formation fluid interaction, Citronelle oil field, Alabama

Amy Weislogel, Rona Donahoe

West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV for U.S.Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory (Oct 2014)


Wear particles and ions from cemented and uncemented titanium-based hip prostheses—A histological and chemical analysis of retrieval material

Susann Grosse, Hans Kristian Haugland, Peer Lilleng, Peter Ellison, Geir Hallan, Paul Johan H

Journal of Biomedial Materials Research B: Applied Biomaterials | Month 2014 Vol. 00B, Issue 00


Petrographic appraisal of coals of sub–surface seams from Belampalli Coalfield, Godavari Valley, Andhra Pradesh

Omprakash S. Sarate

Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany,Lucknow, India, 03 December, 2013


More papers

A list of academic papers that reference PetrogLite software.