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PETROG includes patent protected technology.


Release date : 2014-10

PETROG & PetrogLite

This is a bug-fix release, correcting errors found in v3.1.9.0

Fixed bugs

(refers to the introduction in of better memory leak detection through EUREKALOG)

The Restart button was auto-checked, so user may restart when not necessary.

The Export Settings option was visible and enabled in the camera control panel for all cameras, when it only actually does something for AVT cameras currently.

The Annotation option was visible under Grab and Save Options - now disabled

Default position of slider for memo panel in Camera control panel was not always correct

Performance when accessing the menu options was sometimes irritatingly slow (this was reported for the AVT version only;other versions are being re-checked)

AVT (ICc) version

 Frame display interval (ms) should not have been displayed

 Set Parameters dialog: Cancel button did not work.

 Flip / rotate:  Occasional errors when changing the flip settings, now fixed.

If you change the resolution, it did not display a message saying you need to restart for the changes to take effect.  

Leica DFC version

Brightness - max value not being shown - now shows as 255 finished.    

Stretch Image should have been disabled, as this effects zoom and is not needed.

Similarly for Frame management, Set Parameters and Export Settings.

Frame rate - Set button changing the value not handled correctly (no message to say what had happened / should

happen), and no limits set on the values allowed.  

Failed to close image window if streaming has not been started

"It has not been possible to apply zoom level" when starting collecting images for stitching, now applied correctly.

Not saving the full-size image 'B' during Quantitative logging.

This has been a bug (or feature - it was actually designed this way when image windows were not resizable in PETROG) but has again, not just a copy of the contents of the grabbed window.

Errors during concurrent logging, reported by PixeLINK users: updates to PixeLINK DLLs are being distributed.

If you do not have the up-to-date DLLs, then you would see the message indicating so twice each time you enter a camera window.

Inheriting AoI:  single click and double click were not consistently applying the selected AoI.

Message: "WriteStitchingResults: tblStitchingResults: Field 'sampleid,nameAssignedByUser' not found" - bug now fixed.

Bugs reported but not yet fixed

The zoom bar has no scale

Importing images, not working for stitched image sets.

Feature-based stitching should not have been available as it is incomplete -  will be implemented in next release.

Collecting images for stitching in the AVT  version - the onscreen image does not refresh as the stage moves along

Data Methodology window not correctly doing 'Apply to' for all data types shown in the window.

Capture Single Image: In the AVT version, the Zoom slider is hidden initially and you have to make the window bigger to see it.

(Leica specific)

If the window is in maximum size and the zoom is increased there can be error, repeating over and over and

requiring the programme to be killed. There is a message asking to restart and send debug files. N.B. There should be no data loss)

Auto-exposure and Set Brightness Correction behave differently on some DFC camera models. - option is enabled, and does nothing.