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PETROG includes patent protected technology.


My automatic point counter doesn't work - what should I do ?

In 1953 John H. Bassett introduced the Automatic Point Counter to the James Swift & Son Limited microscope company. The automatic point counter, sometimes called the Swift Point Counter, the Hacker Point Counter or the Prior Point Counter, ceased production nearly 50 years later.

We are regularly contacted by people whose automatic point counters have finally reached the end of road and are looking for a replacement, and we have been glad to help. We have been able to find some shorter term solutions in that we've managed to put people in contact who have a point counter they are no longer using, or one that can be used for spares. In one case we were able to put someone, with a limited budget, in contact with an organisation that no longer required one of our point counting systems.

If you are in the situation that your automatic point counter has reached the end of the road, then we're pleased to say that our SteppingStage with PETROG or PetrogLite software is the ideal replacement. It may no longer come in a beautiful hand made wood and brass case, but our system is delivered in a sleek custom-built, metallic-finish, foam-padded carrying case, and it does allow digital capture, storage and analysis of your data.

If you do have an ageing mechanical point counting system or you want to replace your current automatic point counting system, then upgrading to our system is the right choice.