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PETROG includes patent protected technology.


PETROG 5.4.0

Release date : 2024-02-19


When resuming logging mid-way through a point count, the sequence of SteppingStage commands to return to the next location on the slide to be logged was convoluted, and thereforethe slide was not re-positioning as accurately as it should.

This has now been fixed, so the slide is quicker to reach the intended position and does so more accurately.  This includes the addition of an option to manage whether or not to the SteppingStage should visit the bottom-left of the AoI first when doing a resume, before it moves on to the location from which to resume logging.  

This option is available from menu option Slide | Logging Options - the default behaviour is for this to be switched on (as in previous releases), but this can now be switched off for speed/accuracy purposes.

The workflow for setting a new elliptical Area of Interest (AoI), and for editing an existing elliptical AoI, has been improved.  It is now possible to set the left end of the major axis, followed by the upper or lower end of the minor axis, and then to edit any of the left/right end of the major axis or upper/lower end of the minor axis without

affecting any of the other defined AoI axis points.