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PETROG includes patent protected technology.



A selection of predefined keyboards can be downloaded from here.


PVK documentation is in the latest versions of the PETROG and PetrogLite manuals. Documentation can be downloaded here.


The PVK connects to PETROG or PetrogLite via your local network. The connection is the same if the PVK and PETROG/PetrogLite are on the same machine, wired or wirelessly connected. This means that they will need permission to connect through your network Firewall security. So you will need to grant permission for them to connect. If you update either PETROG, PetrogLite or PVK software then that permission will need to be granted again. So please ensure you know how to do this, or discuss with your network security administrator.

The applications use tethering. On connection the PVK will look for an application that is listening for a connection and they will exchange a security protocol to identify one another. They will not tether with any other applications and only exchange messages between one another within the local network.

To find out more about the PETROG Virtual Keyboard visit here

64-bit version (x64)

32-bit version

PETROG Virtual Keyboard 1.00

PVK Editor 1.02


PETROG Virtual Keyboard is available for Windows devices, ideally it needs touch screen capability but can also be used with a mouse. It can be run on a separate device or the same

PVK Editor is a windows based tool that allows you to import, create and customise keyboards for your PVK.


PETROG Virtual Keyboard 1.00

PETROG Virtual Keyboard

Note the use of the PVK requires an additional option enabled in your PETROG or PetrogLite licence key. For PETROG, dependent on when your licence key was issued, it may be necessary to update to a new key. If you require a new licence key then please contact us and tell us your SteppingStage ID number (the number shown on the main page of the software, and on the underside of the control box).

PVK provides additional input and can be run on as many devices as you wish.


A 32-bit APK file to install the PVK application on an Android device. Download this file on to your Android device and click on it to install.