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PETROG includes patent protected technology.


Data style generalisation

Significant improvements have been made to the software interface when running the various data styles that Petrog supports (Concrete, Coal, Ceramic Archaeology, Volcanic and Metamorphic rocks, as well as the default Sedimentary Petrography style).  This includes generalisation of terminology (for instance, the term "Well" is now replaced with "Building" in the Concrete data style, and "Site" in the Ceramic Archaeology data style), and modification or removal of menu options and/or window controls to improve the user experience when using the different data styles.

Context-sensitive help

A comprehensive update to the software manual has been released and is now available for download.  The Help buttons in each window now point to locations in the new manual, so it is advised that all users download the new manual and overwrite any older versions in C:\PetrogData\Help.

Importing and logging from stored images

PETROG has been extended to allow the user to import images from other sources, for instance SEM images.  Textural or compositional data entry can then be carried out on these images instead of using the live feed from the microscope camera.

Other changes

Various bug fixes and minor enhancements, including a fix for problems with elliptical AoIs (with thanks to Wei Guan, Corelabs Houston) and issues with printing the new rose and kite diagrams for displaying orientation data for textural analyses.


Release date : 2015-09-05