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PETROG includes patent protected technology.


PETROG 4.4.2

Release date : 2019-07-15

PETROG - What’s new


New features

PetrogLite only:

Bug fixes: arising from FMX handling key presses differently

PETROG only:

Stitching: automatic renaming of images for stitching externally, e.g. using ImageJ, and subsequent re-import into Petrog, either for comparison or as an alternative if PETROG's native stitching has difficulty coping with a particular image style (e.g. almost featureless)

Viewer: speed improvements and better synchronised viewing of PPL and XPL images

Option to use parallel processing for stitching, if available in hardware

Cameras: Added support for Olympus DP, QImaging MP6 & Retiga and Zeiss NG cameras (64-bit only)

New data style: Asbestos Monitoring

Gazzi-Dickinson, new ticklists and supplementary qualifiers and relationships (contact CVS for copies of updated database reference lists)

Enhancements / Bug fixes

PETROG and PetrogLite

Added a Stop command for the Mk2, to interrupt (terminate) a movement

Improved Mk2 command response times

Ability to change stepping stage speed and acceleration (Mk2 only, and not yet available from within the applications, only externally)


Stepping Stage Selection: changing the displayed text so it is clear that the user should enter the control box ID, not the Stepping Stage ID, if they want to use the option to auto-select the appropriate model


A bug in main menu option   Sample | Edit Samples in Well could cause data to become invisible (still in the database, but not shown on lists in the software). This would only affect samples with a single identifier / name (just a free-text string) but is sufficiently serious to require an immediate update from v4.2 or onwards. Affected users were notified immediately but please contact CVS if you are unsure

As a consequence of this bug, some editing options in this window are temporarily disabled.

Estimation Textural data entry: changes to choice of grain size units for display were not being saved (data was always correct, but not always showing in the user's choice of units)

Wentworth scheme name (i.e. which of the various published Wentworth schemes the user has chosen to use) was not being displayed

Editing Quantitative Compositional data, some columns were not available to be edited when they should have been.

Enhancements to store and report estimated textural values for each grain (this was an omission spotted and reported by user)

Lists of names in the 'Prep Lab' drop-down list can be supplemented by typing in a new name and accepting the suggestion to add it to the list

Scale bar on live image:

Improvements to AoI management

Problem when a network path is specified as the location for saving images, resulting in incorrect behaviour – now resolved

Fixed a memory leak when selecting "Choose from Full List" (Quantitative Compositional data entry) more than once in a session

New DB utility creates one ticklist for each class, using all items in the dictionary, from main menu:
Admin. | Knowledgebase Management |Utilities
then button 'Create Ticklists'

Tidying up for release and fixing bug in Export/Import (Exchange format) arising from adding lists of fields to the file.

Fixed some bugs relating to porosity summary menu options - cursor was stuck as hourglass after finishing, and it wasn't resetting the active sample to the sample that was active on entry

When showing a hierarchical list in a tree list component, if the items in the database table are out of order the tree list may not display correctly

The keyboard mapping window would sometimes appear although no hot key list or keyboard mapping had been selected

Some data in the database was not being included in 'Apply To'

Crosshair calibrations were not being applied if the objective was changed manually by the user after an image window has been shown

If the crosshair calibrations are large and positive, this could trigger an invalid ROI – now resolved

Set Current Well would not allow a change to a well having no samples

Grain size histogram would not change to display in phi or Wentworth units.

Changes to the way new wells are added and assigned to project, to fix a bug noted by a user

SubSelect grain size histogram (by compound item) was not working

Occasional problem sending stage back to (x, y) for a particular data point (e.g. in Quantitative Compositional data edit), sometimes the software said it does not know where the point was. Bug now fixed.

When noting a change to the objective in use, during a compositional point count, a message was being displayed saying it is not possible to change the objective, but the change had actually been registered

Because window positions set by the user are remembered from one run of PETROG to the next, some windows could display off-screen if, for example a smaller monitor were attached to the computer or PETROG was run on a single monitor after being run on a twin-head. A new button allows all windows to be re-positioned to display on the attached monitor.

"Two Pass Point Counting" is currently unavailable; will be re-instated (please contact CVS if urgent)

Specific to particular cameras

KsCam: improved messages shown to user when a resolution has not been set (e.g. on first time start-up); fixes for creation and application of camera presets; added support for crosshair calibration

Lumenera: would sometimes show a (benign) message "unsupported property error" for particular models

QImaging (legacy MP3 and MP5 cameras only): the limits of the zoom were being incorrectly calculated

The Imaging Source: fix for bug when using Save (as opposed to Save As) for camera presets with TIS cameras, the xmlFilename was not being saved to the database

Zeiss: fixes for supporting the HRc Firewire camera; presets were not being applied on initialisation of image window

All cameras that apply crosshair calibrations (i.e. all except AVT, Leica and Nikon DSU3): modified the way zoom works so that a zoom limit is determined, based on calculating what value of the zoom percentage triggers an invalid ROI after application of the crosshair calibrations.

Any camera with an image size smaller than the monitor on which the image is displayed: if the image is shown in a window larger than the camera's maximum resolution, PETROG pads the window with blank space, but the image may flicker. This is probably caused by the processor not keeping up with window refreshes. We are looking for solutions (other than recommending a faster processor).

Specific to particular Data Styles

Stitching: occasional database errors ("Cannot save file name"), due to an extraneous 'UNIQUE' constraint in the database, affecting Volcanic/Metamorphic databases only.

For asbestos: sum counts across all mounts in sample (i.e. samples in well) during Quantitative Compositional data entry

PetrogLite only:

N.B. The underlying architecture of PetrogLite was changed at the previous major release, in preparation for addition of significant new features (data entering from tablets, association of strings with key presses, text-to-speech for audio confirmation of key presses when petrographer is using the microscope eyepieces continuously). Some bugs arose because the behaviour of certain key strokes was then handled differently by Microsoft Windows. Whilst the underlying cause of these bugs is not ours, and in no instances was data integrity adversely affected, we apologise for not having picked them up in pre-release testing. We are now confident we have re-instated the previous behaviour. We would like to thank those of you who notified us of changes to behaviour and to apologise to any users who have been affected.

Using backspace or back arrow keys was not working

When using Skip or Undo, the button would retain focus and hence cause a second Click event (i.e. as if the spacebar were pressed again)

Multiple key-press logging (i.e. the option to require two or more keys to specify a logged material and trigger a  Stepping Stage movement)-was not working as previously.

Bug in determination of the Stepping Stage position (only for some combinations of Multiple key-presses (see previous) and when a comment was added).

Option to include or exclude skips when calculating percentages was disabled, now re-enabled.

Optional showing of skips in counts and percent: adding extra documentation for the user.

Improvements to display of information in Logging Options window to make some options clearer

In Slide Configure dialog, a change to the number of points (as entered by the user) was not being immediately reflected elsewhere; specifically, enabling/disabling the OK button did not behave properly.