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PETROG includes patent protected technology.

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PETROG 5 download

Releases of PETROG version 5 can be downloaded here by those users who have purchased it. These downloads will require your username and password to access. If you do not have a username and password, you can contact us to enquire about one. If your existing username and password do not work then you have not upgraded to version 5.

PETROG 5 supports the following Windows operating systems: Windows 10 and Windows 11. Earlier Windows platforms are not supported and we recommend that you do not install or use PETROG on them.

PETROG 5 requires a new licence key. The PETROG 3 or 4 licence keys are not sufficient.. A licence key is tied to a particular stepping stage serial number. If you have not been given a licence key or cannot find your licence key then please contact us to request one and include the serial number of your stepping stage’s control box (found on the underside of the control box and displayed on screen when PETROG runs).

Upgrading from PETROG 4 or PETROG 3

Upgrading to PETROG 5 from PETROG 3 or 4 requires migration of data.  This is performed by running menu option

      Admin | Database Management | Backup Database

in PETROG 3 or 4, in order to create a .backup file; and then using menu option

      Admin | Database Management | Replace Database from v4 backup

in PETROG 5 to import your existing PETROG database into the new PostgreSQL 14 database installed with PETROG 5.

Upgrading from PETROG 2

Upgrading to PETROG 5 requires an intermediate stage of migration of data from the PETROG 2 database to the PETROG 4 database. In order to migrate your data safely we recommend you contact us and we will assist you in securely migrating your data.