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Release date : 2020-03-12

Bugs: reported since last release (4.5.0) and fixed in this update.

Symptom: some combinations of logging (e.g. pyrite cementing intergranular pore) were being reported as invalid. Cause: the rule table was being read in a different way due to a change in the underlying database management software.

Symptom: Area of Interest being selected and then the user told that there isn't one and the menu showing 'Create' instead of 'Edit' (or vice versa). Cause: Area of Interest selected being applied to the wrong 'reason' (Compositional, Textural or Stitching).

Bug: Stepping pattern points list not being created or updated (bug since 30/08/2019).

Symptom: (quantitative composition) Level 2 selection being allowed after Level 1 without a joiner, leading to unexpected results reported. Fix: if you have data affected by this problem, there is a 'fix' button on the Database Administration menu; please contact support@petrog.com

Symptom: Under very specific conditions, using Concurrent (Compositional+Textural) data collection, and if using the back button and the skip button on the same sample, and using 'restart' (i.e. removing the sample and continuing later), the textural and compositional data could be out of order. Fix: if you notice unexpected concurrent data being reported and you think you may have been affected by this problem, there is a 'fix' button on the Database Administration menu; please contact support@petrog.com

Symptom: (Applies to Cement-clinker data style only) 'Database table not found' message. Cause: uppercase characters in field names and table names not being correctly interpreted by the Database clean-up for cement-clinker and for database management software

Symptom: using the 'Overwrite' option to restart data collection when using the 'concurrent' option does not clear the textural list. There is a 'clean-up' fix for already collected data, please contact support@petrog.com if you have affected data.

Symptom: When editing compositional data, the RMB menu 'Show Image' says there is no image for the point. Cause: compositional images were not being saved during concurrent logging. The same Images were saved to the 'textural' image location, so no data is lost, and the images can be copied across.

Symptom: Error message when setting microscope objectives, if there are two objectives with the same magnification. Cause: repeated objective magnifications caused errors, so the correct one couldn't be selected. Duplicate magnifications are now catered for.

Symptom: if you drew overlay lines first, then used Cancel Line twice, then entered comp data, the stage would move on rather than waiting for you to re-enter the textural. (Fixed)

Symptom: A large number of compositional logging counts (> 1000) caused the software to slow down. Cause: The summary dialog was refreshing the entire list, although only a small amount was being shown. Logging should not now slow down as the number of points increases.

Symptom: During compositional logging, the partially completed description is displayed to show you how much you have already described (new feature); but under some circumstances this would then be left on the list when logging was completed and the full description was also displayed. Cause: This was purely cosmetic and would disappear with a refresh.

Other bugs fixed:

Incorrect grain count in SelectSample

(Ceramic data style only) some morphological qualifiers were missing from the database.

(Olympus SIS cameras only): save and grab were not working

(Some cameras only): Image overlays not maintaining Aspect Ratio after zoom

Error message in GetWentworthPhiBounds (when changing axis units in histograms)

A bug in 'Apply to Range'

Bugs not fixed ('Known Bugs', work in progress):

White balance for QIPVCAM not working correctly

Incorrect labels in ternary diagrams for data styles other than sedimentary

Preventative maintenance:

Added a sequence number to quantitative textural data collection

Better management of 'Skips' during compositional logging

New Features:

Stepping Stage calibration, to allow for slack in gearbox movement when changing direction of movement.

Ceramics Data Style now has 'Period' and 'INAA' categories, c.f. lithostratigraphy and chronostratigraphic for sedimentology