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PETROG includes patent protected technology.

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The original and correct meaning of 'database' is a data store that is constructed independently of any specific application, so that the data can be used by any application, for many (preferably all) appropriate purposes. PETROG created the first petrographic database.

Because PETROG creates a database, it can support any application, including Touchstone as one example.  Touchstone is the world's leading reservoir modelling system, supported by, and used by, all the major oil companies. However, as with any model and any  software,  it is only as good as its data. PETROG is not only used by consortium members but also by Geocosm, the Touchstone developers, to ensure the best possible data input to reservoir models.

PETROG has developed alongside Touchstone, including new data as the modelling system has grown. Because of the power of a true database, PETROG is able to produce models for each new Touchstone version, and will continue to develop, making it as easy as possible to crate Touchstone projects at the touch of a button.

PETROG supports not only Touchstone, but also any reservoir modelling system based on petrographic data, for example  Exemplar.


Data Exchange

Because PETROG was initially created for the sharing and exchange of petrographic information, it is ideally suited for exchange of data, between PETROG systems and between petrographic information systems.

Sharing and exchange of petrographic information with other petrographic information systems can mean importing data into PETROG, for example from old-style Excel files, or exporting data into systems such as Touchstone.  Tools for both are provided in PETROG.


Data Storage

PETROG was the first digital petrography system, developed for in the 1990s for the three Norwegian oil companies Saga, Norsk Hydro and Statoil. These companies wanted to be able to share petrographic data but they found that each petrographer could use different names for the same thing, could log at different levels of details and could describe the same characteristics in completely different ways.

The companies turned to Conwy Valley Systems Ltd. (CVS) to develop a system, because CVS had a track record: their principals, Mark Gorst and Barrie Wells, had already developed the first digital biostratigraphy and geochemistry systems, 15 years earlier,  and they were the main independent contributors to the standards emerging from (the then new) POSC..

Subsequently, Saga, Norsk Hydro and Statoil took a different, more radical, approach to standardisation, when they merged their three companies to form the present-day Statoil, but the work the commissioned has led to a completely new approach to petrographic data management, storage and exchange, embodied in PETROG.

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