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“Out of resources” 2020

A number of users recently reported "out of resources" messages from their PETROG systems. It appeared that PETROG was suddenly requiring more and more memory, which we were referring to as the "memory bloat" problem.

We finally have managed to solve this problem. Our suspicions where that they could be a bug, whereby our code was failing to release allocated memory. That was not the case, after considerable searching we finally have found that it was a problem in the system not releasing handles back to Windows in a certain set of circumstances.

Those circumstances sometimes arise now due to a combination of cameras now having larger frame sizes, faster frame rates, and had not occurred in our testing. In the real-time circumstances we were getting a clash between memory threads and the system did not generate an error, but it did fail to release a handle. Windows has a finite number of handles, once they are exhausted, it will not continue.

Now we have identified this problem we have re-engineered PETROG and will be rolling out a more robust version.  If you are on our mailing list, you will receive a newsletter email when the new version for your camera is released.  In the meantime however, should you experience this problem we recommend that if possible you drop the camera frame rate. Some cameras are operating now at nearly 50 frames per second, and so it should be possible to lower the frame rate without adversely affecting the onscreen refresh rate when focussing the microscope image or rotating the microscope stage.  Please contact us if you need support with lowering the camera frame rate.

Our apologies to those who experienced this problem for the inconvenience and the time taken to identify and fix this problem, but it was a tough one.

The PETROG team