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PETROG includes patent protected technology.


Point-counting is an important tool for quality assurance of cement clinker. Visual examination of the material using reflected light microscopy on polished blocks is essential for ascertaining the mineral composition in addition to the chemical composition given by XRD/XRF techniques. Point counting is primarily used to determine the relative proportions of four constituents: alite, belite, aluminate, and ferrite.

PETROG is uniquely able to provide support for cement clinker analysts in acquisition of the petrographic information from polished blocks, combining compositional and textural data, and analysing them both together and separately.

Cement Clinker

Download the "PETROG for cement clinker" brochure

Download "Optical Microscopy of Cement Clinker" presentation, prepared by Arthur Harrisson, Independent Consultant

Unique contributions to cement clinker petrography arise from: