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Windows 7 installation issues

2013-07-25 : PETROG is now fully supported under Windows 7 in version 3. If you have an earlier version of PETROG we recommend that you upgrade to avoid the issues below.

2011-03-25: Specific problems users have had are :

- PDOXUSRS.NET file. Some Windows 7 updates seem to have resulted in PETROG complaining about the location of this file. Windows 7 does not allow this file to be located at the default setting of C:\. We recommend it is located in the same folder as the database. For more see the technical manual here.

- IDAPI.CFG. If you are running Windows 7 and you run the BDEAdmin program, by default it will try to access the IDAPI.CFG file to store configuration. It should be accessing IDAPI32.CFG. To correct the problem you need to configure the BDEAdmin.exe file so that it runs in Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode.

2011-01-31: PETROG will run under Windows 7. We have working versions on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7.

However, there are some components which are not easy to install and we are working on making these easier. In particular, some users have reported some difficulty with the database interface software BDE (Borland Database Engine).

The BDE is older technology, it is now reached the end of its useful life, and we are replacing this with new database middleware which, as well as being fully Windows 7 compatible, is also capable of linking to many third party databases, such as PostgreSQL, Oracle and MySQL. PETROG is now working with the new middleware, and we expect to be able to make this version available in April, together with tools to ease migration of existing installations.

If you have a maintenance contract and can wait until April, we would suggest that instead of trying to move your existing PETROG system to Windows, you wait for PETROG Version 3.0. This should be relatively simple to install.

If you cannot wait or you do not have maintenance, and do not want to move to version 3.0, there is a technical support document regarding the installation which you can download here. Please note that some problems have arisen because of incorrect or incomplete installation and re-installing often will fix there issues.

If you are having difficulties with Windows 7 then please contact us at .

Note that if you are planning to migrate to Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit that not all cameras that have been supported by PETROG will have drivers available. We suggest you contact the camera manufacturer to check for the availability of the drivers. Our cameras page has links to some of the camera manufacturers.

PETROG support team.

PETROG Windows 7 installation documentation