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PETROG includes patent protected technology.



Release date : 2021-05-18


1. Logging Manager:

This tab (alternative to showing the data summary during compositional logging) now displays the status of estimated textural data, in addition to quantitative

compositional and textural. It also updates after each line is drawn, to show that textural data collection is underway but not yet completed.

Textural counts are updated and reported by type (e.g. grain type) during logging.

Number of skips is reported during logging.

2. Cameras:

Support for Toupcam from ToupTek.

The achieved frame rate has been increased for all cameras through optimisation.

Improvement to the way region/point selection is made improves white balance and auto-exposure for all cameras.

(TIS only) now copes with more than one camera being connected (some webcams are also TIS cameras).

3. XRD data import:

Now allows for general list of minerals, editable by the user (and hence also editing densities, now users can add their own minerals).

4. Display:

Options to display and change the current crosshair type and scale bar position selections can now be changed during logging if required.

Bug fixes

1. Image could 'freeze' if the operating system ignored a call-back (related to image overlays). Fixed.

2. "Application made attempt to call method of already deleted object" error when closing down the camera (hence not causing any problems, but now fixed anyway).

3. Concentric pies was only working for 2 or more classes; also improved choosing the level 2 colour, so it doesn't correspond too closely with the level 1 colour.

4. Editing quantitative compositional data now displays detailed diagnostic messages if an image cannot be found, and looks for a textural image in this case if this is a concurrent point count

5. Stitching could freeze whilst collecting images for stitching, now fixed. Also, having paused, the button to resume was wrongly captioned 'Restart collection', now correctly 'Resume collection'.

6. Nikon KsCam cameras could flicker, problem found and solved.

7. Wentworth scale incorrectly selected instead of mm/microns.

8. Naming of ticklists for volcanics was incorrect.

9. Some morphological qualifiers incorrect after editing ("data level 1 qualifier") in Edit Quantitative Compositional Data window.

10. Similarly on 'Cancel' after an edit, morphological qualifiers not reverting correctly.

11. Grabbed image window sometimes appearing "too small" - now fixed.

12. AoI: fix for bug that setting a different AoI for a specific analysis type ('reason') was not working.  It is now possible to set an Aoi for all reasons, and then edit the AoI for a particular reason only, without losing the original AoI.

13. A fail-safe save of data to the database after each point during a point count, could result in a message "Unexpected value for TSetStepSizeMethod"; now fixed.

14. Line drawing was not being toggled back on after drawing a major axis line in concurrent logging with major and minor.

15. Calculate Stepping Pattern for Fixed Number of steps option, in conjunction with elliptical AoI: bug fixed.

16. The 'Back' button during concurrent logging could cause data loss: now fixed.

17. Comment dialog during point-counting not working: now fixed.

18. Crosshairs sometimes not displaying on entry to logging; workaround implemented: they can be activated using separate controls.