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PETROG includes patent protected technology.


PETROG Virtual Keyboard

The PETROG Virtual Keyboard (PVK) works with both PETROG and PetrogLite. It allows you to put your ticklists onto another device such as a touchscreen tablet.

There is a PVK editor which allows you to create your own custom virtual keyboard layouts. You can import existing tick-lists, create your own layout from scratch, upload pre-existing virtual keyboards or modify an existing virtual keyboard.

A keyboard can be created specifically for a project, so that you can group your most frequent keys together, make popular keys larger, group keys with selected colour schemes.

The virtual keyboard does not replace the existing data entry interface, but compliments it.

In order to check you have selected the correct key, the data entry is confirmed visually and optionally by sound, the PVK will read the key entry back to you, to confirm entry.

In testing, users have reported that it reduces eye strain because you can place the keyboard where you wish, and do not have to keep adjusting between the microscope image or eyepiece and the PETROG / PetrogLite input screen.

PVK in use :

PVK is an optional extra and requires a modification to your licence key. If you have not got the option to use PVK then please contact us

PVK currently works on Android and Windows devices and will be available for Apple iPad in 2023

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