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PETROG includes patent protected technology.



Release date : 2016-09-08

New features

Ternary and QAPF diagrams


New columns in Ternary diagram and QAPF diagram table: now shows both the percentages of the 3 components and the percentages of the total count.

New options for selecting samples to show in a diagram, better options for selecting wells.

Plotting is much faster.

Samples are now ordering consistently in the table.

When querying the make-up of the end-members, there is now an option to expand hierarchically.

Bug fixes:

When sub-selecting by colour and/or shape (e.g. well/lithostrat/chronostrat): ( a) if the categories were not completely specified, there was an error message; (b) the colours and shapes did not show unless one of them was changed.

WMF and EMF export were incorrectly using the QAPF scheme to get labels, not the ternary scheme



Can now access Camera Settings without having calibrated the camera;

Leica version runs with less errors when the camera is plugged in but no fxlib.dll is found on the Petrog directory

The new Lumenera driver v2.1.1.66 is now supported.

Bug fixes:

Lumenera camera would occasionally give a "List index out of bounds" error; the number of times this could occur has been reduced.

Lists of camera parameters held in the database did not decode correctly in some Windows Regional Locale settings



Capturing Single Image (Capture | Image) and collecting images for stitching (Stitching | Collect) now properly apply camera presets

Select Sample dialog now displays quickly enough not to need a warning message

View Table orders the records more sensibly

Better user interface for Delete Sample

The database now records time stamps on changes to logging (separately for initially logged and edited) for better data tracking.

Bug fixes:

PixeLINK cameras that do not support ROI in firmware gave errors in some combinations of monitor sizes and window re-sizing.

Comments, for both sample and point, were showing errors since a recent Windows update. This has been fixed, but at the expense of losing the formatting in the comments. A further fix is expected in v4.0

Improvements to the select sample window - double-clicking in the header row of the grid no longer closes the window; single-clicking in the header row of the grid no longer activates the scroll wheel, which could then mean the user accidentally changing sample and not noticing.

Calculating Class Summaries when Counts were requested instead of Percentages would show an error message.

A bug in looking up the well name meant that an error message would sometimes appear and some wells would be shown on a ternary diagram when that well had not been selected.

Some bug fixes in editing keyboard mappings

Fixed a memory leak while calculating percentiles

Set AoI was not working in (just that one released version).