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PETROG includes patent protected technology.


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Oil and Gas





Academic and Research

PETROG is the first choice for petrographic analysis in hydrocarbon exploration, development and production around the world, as well as in the major university research groups >>

PETROG is being used to monitor the quality of coal from mining through to point of use, supporting ICCP standards and  procedures >>

PETROG is being used to quality assure the inputs to the steel-making  process. Since minor differences in coal composition can have major impacts, controlling feed of all inputs based on an accurate, quantitative knowledge of coal feed composition is sound economic sense.

PETROG is being used to check the quality and content of concrete both retrospectively, to provide accurate, quantitative data to support analytical reports and statutory analyses, and predictively, where exact composition is critical     >>

PETROG is used by research facilities and universities for a variety of innovative projects. We have collected some of the published results >>


Ceramics in Archaeology

Cement Clinker


Ceramics in Archaeology

PETROG is used by universities and training facilities for teaching petrography and petrographic analysis.

PETROG is being used for compositional characterisation of archaeological pottery, building materials and plaster-based artefacts, as well as the interpretation of their raw materials and production technology >>

Point-counting with PETROG is an important method for quality assurance of cement clinker >>

PETROG is used to point count asbestos in environmental monitoring >>

PETROG™ Digital Petrography