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PETROG includes patent protected technology.



Release date : 2020-06-08


A major effort has been on assisting fixing a data mis-match identified at two university departments. We are confident that this will not affect other sites but we are recommending installation of the latest release as soon as possible

Main software changes in this release are in the way in which camera images are handled, a change necessitated by a memory problem in Windows that could cause a build-up of unreleased memory and hence eventually 'Out of Resources' errors or even a crash.

Some new features have been added to assist people working from home during lockdown, including access to remote images and changes to the way data are written to the database so as to minimise possibility of data loss when remote working. These changes have been made on an as-required basis; please let us know if you have any specific requirements at your site.

Minor bug fixes and improvements:

In Compositional data edit, 'Sum only if Identical' did not always update the display and 'Sum Never' not showing individual counts.

Corrected an anomaly that zero grain sizes were being included in histogram for mm but not for phi or Wentworth; New window, Reporting Options, includes option to include or exclude zero grain sizes in reporting giving the option to reproduce previous behaviour.

When digitising grain outlines, calculating minor length showed a message when the max perpendicular distance is at the start/endline segment (removed message).

AoI: selecting a different shape not correctly saving 'method for setting step size'.

Multiple histograms (option to print all grain size histograms for a project) now working again.

The method used for managing the rule-base for compositional logging had to be changed due to changes in third-party software, which resulted in some odd behaviour initially, only affecting Gazzi-Dickinson logging and only if an installation had rule tables containing null values; now fixed.

In compositional quantitative logging, display of Data Summary not updating correctly after using Ditto/Back/Next buttons.


In addition to the major change to the architecture:

New routines for Zeiss, added get/set sensor temp, analog gain and frame time and PETROG now uses the values in the white balance XML file.

Camera controls: window sizing on start-up sometimes hid important controls.

Zeiss: fix for crosshairs/overlay lines not in correct position when zoomed out (only affected Firewire cameras such as Mrc5)

Bug fix affecting QImaging 32-bit version only, no image shown.

Known Bugs:

Window and component sizes on high resolution (4K) monitors may sometimes be unexpected on start-up.