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PETROG includes patent protected technology.


Sample scanning

Using PETROG, thin sections can be incrementally imaged over a predefined area across a given thin section, peel or block. These individual images may then be compiled and stitched together, producing a digital representation of all or part of the sample. This process is perfect for preserving and cataloguing samples, allowing them to be accessed at any time, anywhere, by multiple users.

Sample scanning automatically collects images across an area of the sample, for all sample types : thin section scanning, polished block scanning, or any material that can be imaged by a microscope.

A mosaic image is created by stitching of the individual images into a larger overall image. PETROG then allows viewing of a virtual image of the entire area, which can be explored using custom tools within PETROG for rapid identification of areas requiring further study.

User-defined areas of the image, or the entire image, can be exported at any required image size and resolution, in standard formats and to major applications, especially those  with abilities to view gigapixel images, such as ARC/INFO.

Creating whole sample scans provides a method of digital sample preservation, allowing the user to create a digital library of samples managed concurrently with the petrographic data in a dedicated petrographic database, accessible to other applications and users.

The digital library enables multiple user access to a single sample for observation.