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PETROG includes patent protected technology.


Textural Data

Textural Data

Within PETROG textural data consists of grain size, grain morphology and rock fabric. The visual comparators to be used for data capture are specified by the user as part of the sample definition process.

Once the data capture set up has been defined for one sample, it can be selectively applied to all other samples within the project.

Grain Size

Three options are available for grain size data capture:

Grain size spread (sorting) can be determined using a visual comparator.

Grain Morphology & Rock Fabric

The data entry method for grain morphology and rock fabric analysis is based on user selected visual comparators.

The required comparator for each data category is selected from a drop down list. Comparators supplied with PETROG can be augmented at each installation site.

Data categories for grain morphology and rock fabric currently include: