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PETROG includes patent protected technology.


PVK and PetrogLite

PetrogLite is a basic point-counting application designed to allow control of the digital SteppingStage for a wide range of uses.  It does not perform the camera display, data analysis and reporting functions of PETROG. Instead of a full database management system it logs data into spreadsheet (Excel-compatible) files.  It has a custom set-up, point-counting and mouse or keyboard control.

As part of PetrogLite v5, we have introduced the new PETROG Virtual Keyboard (PVK) application, that facilitates direct use of customised “virtual” keyboard layouts, on a Windows or Android device, for logging modal data.  For instance, instead of just logging “Q” for “Quartz” in the previous versions of PetrogLite, it is now simple to create a keyboard layout with a “Quartz” button - and as many other buttons as you wish, organised over multiple tabs if required (e.g. a tab for Detrital grains, a tab for Bioclastic grains, a tab for Carbonate grains, …), and laid out exactly as you wish (e.g. more common items can have a larger button).  

Input is from a touchscreen device, such as a tablet or phone running Windows or Android.  There are some example keyboards for various data styles included, and these can be customised or new layouts can be generated in a number of ways, using the powerful PVK Editor.  The text labels on the virtual keys can be modified in any way, so for instance they could be in any language required.  The PVK app has the option to toggle on/off synthesised voice “reading” of the text label when a button is pressed.

The advantages of using the PVK for entering data are that the exported point count results will automatically include the text labels, so that these data is instantly useable without having to recall what each character (e.g. “Q”) represents (e.g. “Quartz”); and faster logging – the customisation options in the PVK Editor mean that the keyboard layout can be optimised for ease and speed of use.

The PVK option extends the basic functionality of PetrogLite, and so PetrogLite v5 with PVK is now an intermediate step between PetrogLite and PETROG, in terms of the packages available for use with the SteppingStage.  

For a comparison of PETROG and PetrogLite, click here.

Existing PetrogLite v4 (and earlier) users should contact us for information on costs for upgrading to PetrogLite v5 with PVK.

For PetrogLite v5 documentation and installation downloads click here, and for release updates click here.

PVK is an optional extra and requires a modification to your licence key. If you have not got the option to use PVK then please contact us