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PETROG includes patent protected technology.


PETROG 5 Installation

To install PETROG 5 for the first time, begin by downloading these four zip files :

Create a new folder on your machine and give it a suitable name, such as Petrog5InstallationFiles.

Extract the contents of these four zips to this directory, the contents of which should now resemble the following:

Version Change Log

PETROG 5 installer

64 bit version (x64)

NnCam family

64 bit version (x64)

installation Guide


Stepping Stage



for ToupTek Photonics cameras

If you experience difficulties in downloading these files, please ensure your browser software has the latest updates.


If you already have PETROG 5 and wish to upgrade to the latest release then go here.

If you are upgrading from PETROG versions 2,3 or 4 then please see the instructions here.

Finally, follow the instructions in the installation guide, which should now be located at e.g. \Petrog5Installation\Petrog_v5_QuickInstallationGuide.pdf and \Petrog5Installation\Petrog_v5_FullInstallationGuide.pdf.

Users updating from Petrog3 or Petrog4 to Petrog5 should simply run PETROG5Install_x64.exe as described in the installation guide, installing both Petrog5 and PostgreSQL; the Petrog3 or Petrog4 data can then be imported into Petrog5 as described in the installation guide.

If you already have Petrog2 installed and you have by-passed Petrog3 and Petrog4, then you will be prompted as to whether you wish to migrate your existing data from version 2 into version 5, and if so full instructions will be displayed.