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PETROG includes patent protected technology.


Supported Cameras

With digital cameras each manufacturer has a software kit for interfacing the camera with the computer, and a variety of physical connections. Each of these requires a different version of PETROG. Below is a table of digital imaging cameras currently supported by PETROG.

Note that when selecting a camera you should pay careful attention to the camera connection to your PC. Digital microscope cameras require adequate bandwidth to transfer images. Most of the cameras supported by PETROG utilises USB3.0 or IEEE 1394/S800 “Firewire” connections.




All other models please enquire.

Gryphax range of cameras.

DFC range models 290-495.

Models that are not integrated but have an HDMI output can be supported using the HDMI interface. (see below)

Infinity range of cameras.

DS-10, DS-Fi3 and DS-Ri2 USB3 Cameras.

SIS range : SC50 (XM10, XC10, XC30, XC50, UC30, UC50, UC90, SC30, SC100, SC180, LC30 unverified)

DP range : DP23, DP28, DP72, DP73, DP74 (DP70, DP71, DP80 unverified)

All other models please enquire.

All PixeLINK models except 'A' series.

We advise confirming  compatibility with specific models.

MicroPublisher 6, Retiga R3 (Colour),

All other models please enquire.

The Imaging Source range of microscope cameras.

ToupTek Photonics range of microscope cameras.

Models E3ISPM02000KPA , E3ISPM05000KPA have been tested, and verified.

All other models please enquire.

USB3 AxioCam colour : 305, 506, 512  (503, 705, 712, 807, 820 unverified)

Firewire : AxioCam HR, MR, HS and ICc models

Axiocam 208 cannot be fully integrated with PETROG. The interface is uni-directional and so camera control is external to PETROG.

Some AxioCam models may not be supported please enquire.

Cameras that are not integrated with PETROG, but have an HDMI output can be interfaced with PETROG using an HDMI/USB3 converter. PETROG cannot control the camera, but it can access the video images. Read more >>

Conwy Valley Systems Ltd recognises and acknowledges all logos and trademarks of the camera manufacturers

If you have a camera that is not on the list of supported cameras and you want to use it with PETROG then please discuss with us. Each new type of camera requires development and the co-operation of the manufacturer, but we would be pleased to investigate the feasibility of connection.

Discontinued cameras >>