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PETROG includes patent protected technology.


PETROG 4.5.0

Release date : 2019-11-06

PETROG - New features and options

This is primarily a bug-fix update, but we are continuing to improve the image stitching and some new features here include:

If image stitching has errors, there is a new 'repair stitched image' option. This should enable some tiles to be manually moved to correct a minor misalignment.

If our algorithms are not able to cope (we have tried to make it suitable for the most common materials but we cannot cover all possibilities) there may be other software which could do a better job. We have therefore added an option to export an image set to ImageJ and then re-import the results. This option takes care of the naming conventions used by ImageJ and supplies all necessary information, then takes the offsets calculated by ImageJ so that the stitched mosaic can be used in PETROG. The re-import option allows use of features such as simultaneous view, pan and zoom of PPL and XPL images, which may not be available in other software.

Because stitching is a computationally intensive process, we have added an option to use parallel processing, if available in hardware. Continuous use of the parallel capability can, in some computers, result in over-heating, so this is only a user-selectable option.

We have introduced a 'Memory Alarm', to warn users if memory build-up has resulted in available memory dropping below certain levels. This is necessary because memory management seems to be wrong for some cameras. We are still working on finding out why.

PETROG - Bug fixes

Bug reported in 'Report to Word', specifically choosing images based on selecting comments. Error message "tblComment not open", now fixed.

After using the Slide Viewer, PETROG was reporting a memory leak. Now fixed.

Set AoI / Edit AoI was not always enabled correctly, now fixed.

Zooming into an image could cause distortion, depending on window size and camera resolution. Now fixed for all possible combinations

Scale bar not always changing correctly as zooming in/out, now corrected

Quantitative Textural Edit: when data collected using 'concurrent' methodology, could show the wrong image and the wrong objective information if some points had been skipped; now fixed

Quantitative Textural Edit, unable to change back to mode 'all' after choosing to sub-select (i.e. show histogram for certain grain classes only). Now fixed

Fixed step size was not displaying targets correctly in AoI dialog

Extended 'save after every point' to allow it to be used during 'concurrent logging'

Better reporting of which samples are in use.

It was possible for Keyboard Mapping editing to get messed up, should now be more robust.

Also in keyboard mapping, it was not allowing re-use of keys after deleting a row; now fixed.

The project list is displaying badly in the sample grid display, only partially fixed.

An occasional memory leak was being reported ; this only occurred if drawing a polygon in the Capture Image window, and exiting before completing a polygon (i.e. before right-clicking to draw the final point).

There was a bug in reporting when changing from showing percentages to showing counts. This has now been fixed.

There has been a very occasional message "Application made attempt to call method of already deleted object", which we think we have now traced and eliminated.

Some problems have been reported when importing files into the database, with certain combinations of regional settings. There are some combinations of delimiters that the PostgreSQL database management system and the Windows operating system do not handle in the same way. We have tried to correct this in PETROG software but please be aware there may be some situations we have not yet catered for.

XRD import not reading some files correctly (see also previous bug fix).

Sometimes losing focus when making corrections typing into an 'edit text' box, now fixed.

Standardising choice of delimiter for PetrogLite logging files (across Petrog and PetrogLite)

PETROG now checks for empty morphological descriptor tables.

Bug fixes in setting fixed step size

Petrog Lite - New features and bug fixes, PetrogLite

'expected percentage of skips' can now be set in PetrogLite (previously only available in Petrog).

The ability to open and update old files (v1) was not working correctly; PetrogLite now opens old (v1) and new (v2) files.

There were occasional error messages being displayed, only when opening a previously logged in which there were skips. The messages were benign but now do not appear at all.

If the skip key was pressed at the first point, this was not being handled correctly; now fixed.

Standardising choice of delimiter for PetrogLite logging files (across Petrog and PetrogLite).

'Delete' confirmation, displayed message was unclear

Bug in option to change delimiter under Logging Options, now fixed


Nikon KsCam

Now frees the DLL after use.

Fixed access violation when doing a grab Nikon version.


'doManualDoubleBuffering' is now configurable at run-time.

Region selection for white balance now working.

The Imaging Source

Minor performance improvements


Reduced number of times streaming is stopped and restarted (prevents error message ("Acquisition cannot be stopped, because..")


Changes to setting of flags within the callback, to try to prevent the message TOlympusDPCamera.ContinueStreaming::CAMLVContinueMovieEx()() has error = Olympus DP SDK error code 4 - kCAM_API_CALLED_IN_INVALID_STATE"