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PETROG includes patent protected technology.


PETROG & PetrogLite


Main Changes

1) Data Methodology window and setting the way data is to be collected for a sample:

There are new logging modes for both textural and compositional data so the way they are selected has had to change. See the drop-down lists in this window, under textural and compositional modes.

2) Area of Interest

It is now easier to set the AoI by inheriting from a previous sample. Any sample, from any project, can be used as the source, which may then be edited for fine tuning.

3) Quantitative Logging

The logging window has been split into multiple windows to make it easier to re-size individual parts (especially the images) and to better utilise multiple monitors by splitting the images and the ticklists across monitors.

N.B. Being able to save layouts will be implemented in the next version (, since will be an interim to implement minor items left out of


With thanks to everyone who has provided feedback on stitching while it was under development, this is the first release in which stitching results can be saved for further analysis. Analyses available now include viewing isolated objects identified on the slide (referred to in the software documentation as 'connected components'). This can be used to identify individual items on a slide obtained by sieving a disaggregated material.

Points on the stitched image can be related back to points on the slide or to the individual image in the set of images used.

A tutorial on stitching will be released shortly.


Can now close the video test window if the camera has not initialised

Changes for ICc camera to accommodate changed SDK from manufacturer

Fixed memory leak in PixeLINK when no camera detected (better management of initialisation and de-initialisation

Allow  Nikon camera to save settings to registry and optionally load them on start-up

Zeiss resize changes, and general improved testing of rotate / flip success before applying changes to menu and registry

Stepping Stage and PetrogLite

The stepping stage could become ‘Out of synch’, and show and error, if the movement keys were pressed too quickly.  The wait time between write and read is now configurable

Bug fix, PetrogLite, was counting skips in the main count when multiple key logging (i.e. when the user could press more than one key before the stepping stage moved).

The stepping stage can now be controlled from an independent command-line application.

Minor improvements and bug fixes :

Report to Word document now allows 'letter' paper size as an alternative to A4

Estimation Textural data logging window could sometimes show an error (division by zero) when re-sizing Importing projects wasn't setting defaults.

PETROG exchange import was not correctly transferring AoI (wrong since and not writing the project name into the Project table (wrong since

Fixed a bug if you undo a grain size click then move the stage without redrawing a grain

Fixed bug in Keyboard mapping (non-alphanumeric keys not always decoding correctly (but it was wrong consistently so no data loss should have occurred)

Fixed bug in XRD import (case sensitivity in database field names meant matches were not always correct)

Changes and improvements to database consistency checks available under the Admin menu options.

Fixes for Mouse Up/Down errors which were sometimes seen in quantitative textural logging

No longer need to display the scale bar in order for it to available for burning on to saved image.

Fixed bug that the target number of points could get confused between textural and compositional modes.

Fixed keyboard mapping case bug.

Provide a message to the user if not using the latest camera DLLs

Improvements to Edit Quantitative Composition - double-clicking a column header now sorts for all columns

ADT editing (Additional Data Type- NOT complete, just enough for a safe release.

Calibrating crosshairs:.

Fixed quantitative composition logging 'Back' button bug, and a 'Ditto' button memory leak

Fixed a bug seen when exiting Calibrate Camera window (in Leica version only)

Fixed a bug caused by losing the last character of a string when there was only one item logged on a slide.

The 'append' (resume) mode for quantitative textural data acquisition now returns to next point to be logged (as it has always done for quantitative compositional).

Message that limit has been reached, when textural and compositional limits are different in concurrent logging mode, shows correctly and only once.


improved error logging options with EurekaLog 7 support, including memory leak detection which can be switched off at run-time (requires a close and restart of PETROG).

Release date : 2014-10-01